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I am answering these for amulyaj

Now, answer these!
1, Do you have/want any pets?

I have to dogs and they are adorable. Taffy and Ida are their names. :3

2, If you could be well-payed, support your family, and live comfortably by doing any job, what would it be?

I really enjoy Drafting on my computer so if I could be paid just to do that I would love it.

3, What is your Pokemon go Team?

My Pokemon GO team is.... Instinct!!!!!!!  

4, What is your favorite work of art (that you created) ?

I have an Umbreon picture here in my gallery that was really a turning point for me. It allowed me to figure out how exactly to shade things.

5, Why did you join deviant art?

I joined Deviant Art because I wanted to branch out a bit. I've been on Colors Live for about 3 years and I wanted to see what another community was like.

6, How happy are you in life on a scale of 1-10? Why?

I am extremely happy with my life! 10 out of 10. Sure I have bad days, but I always can make my next day better!

7, What is your worst regret? (optional)

Now we get to the difficult questions... Hmmmm..... It has been years since I've talked to some of my old childhood friends, so usurp pose letting them go is a HUGE regret.

8, Has anyone ever forgotten your birthday or some other day special to you?

No not really. I guess I'm lucky! XD

9, What is your worst art form?

Art forms? I just started learning about styles! XD I don't even know how to define my own style. Ummm maybe when I just do a quick sloppy sketch?

10, What's your favourite emoticon?

Oh my favorite emoticon is defiantly this happy one here.----> 😊

11, Who's your favourite superhero?

My favorite superhero is Spider-Man! I wish they'd keep the movies with Andrew Garfield going because my sister and I think he is perfect for the role.

12, What are the TV shows you watch?

Ok I do watch Once Upon a Time sometimes and I also enjoy Castle and Blue Bloods.

13, Do you like the smell of Sharpie, white-out, etc.?

Not really a fan. But I do enjoy the smell of gasoline at gas stations for some reason. I don't stand there and take deep breaths or anything, but it smells interesting I guess.
SammyKat457 Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2017  New Deviant Hobbyist General Artist
*-* ...Intriguing.
My favorite super hero is also Spider-Man!! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ AND OMG YES. I didn't keep in touch with childhood friends so I definitely feel you there! ;-;
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